Who is Waumini Housing Co-operative Society Limited?

Waumini Housing is a co-operative society owned entirely by shareholders with a mission of improving the quality of livelihood of all its members by providing decent housing solutions and profitable investment opportunities.

How does one become a member?

For you to be a member of Waumini Housing; you need to be an employee of Catholic based institution or a Catholic Church faithful. There after fill a membership form and:

  1. Pay KES 1,000.00 for Registration
  2. Pay KES 30,000.00 for share capital

N/B You can download this form from our website.

What is the difference between Waumini Sacco and Waumini Housing?

Waumini Housing is an associate of Waumini Sacco formed after the Sacco AGM resolutions. Waumini Sacco accepts deposits from members and gives loans to members whereas Waumini Housing engages in real estate business.

What are some of the benefits of purchasing land with Waumini housing as opposed to other housing Sacco?

  1. We are a Christian co-operative society doing authentic transactions which are done above board.
  2. Waumini Housing land has ready titles and once one completes paying the transfer is done immediately.
  3. The co-operative society does the transfer thus it reliefs the buyer from the hassles of following up with the title deeds at the lands registry.
  4. We provide a friendly and secure platform for investment in real estate that offer value for future generations
  5. A customer is allowed to purchase more than one plot.
  6. Where a member has acquired more than one plot, they have an option of merging them as one block.

Can a member pay for the properties in installments?

Yes, the co-operative society determines the number of installments per project.

Do you sell to Kenyans in Diaspora?

Yes, we have clients in our profile that we have sold value added plots to. We do it at ease and we can email you the Diaspora procedures if you provide us with your email address. We do it hustle free.