Our Society

Waumini Housing is an associate of Waumini Sacco formed after the Sacco AGM resolutions. The journey of registration of an investment arm of Waumini Housing Co-operative Society was successfully finalized in 2017 under the Co-operative Societies Act of the Laws of Kenya; The Society boasts of over 1,300 active members with a projection of having about 3000 new members on board in the next financial year.

Waumini housing Co-operative Society enables members to save, buy land and develop. We help investors to find a perfect home to invest in, whether you are looking for prime land a few km from the CBD, an upscale home or land in your preferred neighbourhood.

Core Values

  • Collaborate to provide housing to our members
  • We believe in inclusion for all members
  • We commit to protect and grow members’ investments
  • We promote social integration
  • We believe in continuous learning and innovation


Innovators in providing quality, affordable and sustainable housing solutions!


We provide customer focused solutions by creating equal opportunities for our members and, that are resource efficient, through collaboration!


  1. Affordable land for members
  2. Acquiring legal land titles after purchase
  3. Assess to prime land